I am at a season in my life where I will be committing to writing the learning of my life as a legacy for others. I have written many articles as a teacher over the years. A major book project now is my co-authoring a book with Dr. Tom Steffan, entitled THE RETURN TO ORAL HERMENEUTICS: AS GOOD TODAY AS IT WAS FOR THE HEBREW BIBLE AND FIRST CENTURY CHRISTIANITY” (to be published by Wipf & Stock in 2020). Included here are a few sample articles. Below is a synopsis of my doctoral dissertation, an article recently published in the KESHER journal, plus “The Zionist Movement,” and “Jewish Folk Religion and Childbirth,” and “Who Are the Arabs? Ishmael and His Descendants: A Study of Ethnic Origins and Destiny.”

Click the link below for a 66-page abridgment of my doctoral dissertation, a critique of our late modern Western Culture. You will grasp what it is about by scrolling down and observing figures and diagrams, some of the best parts:

“Faith, Freedom and Radical Individualism in Late Modern America: A Missiological Evaluation”

Doctoral Dissertation
Mentor: Wilbert R. Shenk
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Intercultural Studies
By William Dale Bjoraker, 2007

Article recently published in the KESHER journal. This is my fullest academic treatment on the place and power of storytelling:


“The Place of Story and Storytelling in Messianic Jewish Ministry: Rediscovering the Lost Treasures of Hebraic Narrative”


Childbirth and Magic In
Jewish Folk Religion

The Zionist Movement and the Modern Rebirth of the Nation of Israel

Who are the Arabs? Ishmael and his Descendants: A Study of Ethnic Origins and Destiny