The primary engagement of my wife Diana and I for the last 38years  (though we are not Jewish) with a peoplehood has been and remains with Israel/the Jewish people. So under "E" here are some samples of that engagement;  including  five sample lessons (out of 14) of my course "Engaging the Jewish World" (EJW). See the EJW Brochure herein  for the rest.

I have also deeply engaged Modern and Late Modern Western Culture (the subject of my PhD dissertation)

Below is a clip of me offering in Hebrew chant the Aaronic Benediction at a Bible College in India.  And I  have developed this course, "Engaging the Jewish World," primarily for non-Jewish people to better appreciate, honor and engage relationally with Jewish people. It is designed as a non-formal course (not part of a formal, degree-granting program) in a seminar type format. This makes it more accessible, financially to more people. I do travel and offer this in a face-to-face format as time and energy allow. The online service for this is still under construction. Below is the Brochure (CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO OPEN IT),  and  the first five lessons of Module 1:

Jewish Humor: Reflections on What Some of the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jewish People and All of Us


Lesson #1

The Biblical Age

Lesson #2

The Hellenistic Age

Lesson #3

The Rabbinic Age

Lesson #4

The Islamic Age / Sephardi Jews

Lesson #5

The European Age / Ashkenazi Jews